Goodburn Family {Sunset Session}

This past Sunday I was in Milan, MI capturing memories for a super awesome family at Wilson Park.  It was a fun sunset session and reminiscent too, considering the couple had their wedding there (Milan Senior Center) in 2015!

I absolutely LOVE sunset sessions; the light is so pretty and this particular location was so amazing with all of the trees.  The way the light speckled its way through the trees and left a golden glow to all of the images had me all sorts of excited!

The next day I actually took my kids to the library and then stopped at Wilson Park before heading home.  SIDENOTE: Milan is a really small town!  You can pay your taxes, water bill, stop at the library and the park all within a few minutes and a couple steps haha.  Anyway, while letting the kids play and pushing the baby in the swing I noticed two BEAUTIFUL and large weeping willow trees!!  :::insert heart eyes emoji here::: and I would absolutely love to go back and photograph another sunset session there!  I am running my annual sunset session sale that I run every year, if anyone is interested!  $150 1 hour session in Milan or surrounding areas at sunset.  All images available for viewing on private gallery, free downloaded images and print release.

Contact me to set up your session today!

This is my favorite photo from the session!



Click here to see the full blog post and more photos!


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